Claudia is there for me and really listens

Shortly after giving birth to her youngest child, Philippina was alone. Her relationship had ended, and she felt a need for someone to be there for her and support her. That person was Claudia, a volunteer from Home-Start.


“I had just given birth to my youngest child and it was a difficult time because my relationship had also just ended. I had my hands full. Volunteer Claudia came around, she listened to my stories and gave me tips for raising my children.

Now it is much calmer in the house, also for her sons. Claudia is sweet to the children and to me. She offers me a sounding board and I really needed that, especially when we just met.”


“Philippina and I talk about the children. I share my experiences on the topic of upbringing and give tips on how she can approach things. I also help in a practical way. I might go shopping or help the children. I helped the children to make a PowerPoint presentation for school, for example. It only took one afternoon.

What I like about our contact is that the relationship feels equal. I don’t tell her what she should do. She also shares her stories and her opinion.”

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